Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click ( PPC )

In today’s generation businesses and companies needs to promote their brand and online advertisement is the best option, as it’s a wider scope for every business to grow online. But what can be the best way of advertisement? Google Advertising or Pay Per Click is one of the most prominent ways of online advertising in comparison to another advertising channels.

Torque Web Technology is a highly rated Web Development and Advertising Company leading for its Google Advertising and PPC Services.

What is Pay-per-click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

Our Google Ads Campaign Process?

Free Consultation

We’ll discuss all your businesses long-term objectives, ideal customers, competitors, and campaign goals.

advertising activities to check what benefits we can implement in marketing and promoting your company. We initiate how we will measure the success of your project by utilizing the key performance indicators and then once payment is done, we’re off to the competition.

Keyword Research

We go through your competitors’ present pay per click activities to check whether we can step higher quickly.

As being a part of research, we target the keyword lists, negative keywords, and ongoing bid optimization.

Custom Landing Pages

Get better conversion rates through our custom designed landing pages from which we can get benefit over multiple ad networks.

We A/B test everything to give better ROI and drive traffic to the higher performing designs, enhancing the conversion results in future.

Google Analytics & Call Tracking

You can track everything going on with the assistance of PPC campaigns.

you can easily track phone number to the keyword pre-owned by the person who came to visit your website. We will bring the Google Analytics up and running along with traffic reports. You can easily access both on your own whenever you want.

Ad Scheduling

Do not think about getting disoriented when it comes to setting up a successful AdWords campaigns.

We’ll help you in developing your search and display campaigns then tracking your budget and do systematic changes that enhances your ROI.


We will check over that from where the approaching leads are coming and make significant modifications to your ad groups and site navigation.

Working with intelligence, we’ll expect to see ads of your retargeted leads from your company on google search, Facebook, and other social sites on the web.

How Google Ads Work?

This ad platform permits you with targeting about any keyword or phrase that you would like, and if you set up your campaign correctly then it is guaranteed to show you on the first page of Google search results. It is especially helpful for new businesses as their websites are not in the long run to achieve the good search result positions using organic SEO methods and strategies.

Different Types of Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads are of different type but mainly users prefer two ad types i.e., Search Ad and Display Ad. It depends upon the user choice that which one they will prefer.

Search Ad

Search Ad

Google Search Ads can feature in the places other than Google search results page. These ads are undertaken about what is Google Search Network, which comprises various search-related websites

Display Ad

Display Ad

Display Advertising permits your business to reach out to the wider audience in comparison to the Search Ad, as it is restricted to the number of searches for the keyword you have set.

Our Efforts, Yours Satisfaction

Torque Web Technology team of Web Developers and digital marketing experts has abundant experience and understanding of the Google Search Network. We’re confident that with our help, your business will grow and thrive to its fullest potential.


Most frequent questions and answers

 An ad network is a platform which deliver your ads to the users. Google Ads (Google AdWords) is an illustration of an ad network. If you need to create PPC ads, you will require an ad network, such as Google Ads, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising.

 Ad spend or advertising spend, is the budget of your ad network. It’s the spending amount you want to spend on ad networks, whether for the year or the month.

 Yes! Ads that are shown on search results brings more than 45% of page clicks. People who click on ads to buy a product or service are much better than an organic visitor, or someone who without clicking on ads visits your site. With PPC ads, you can target people who wants to buy, which can bring an immediate increase in your sale.

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